Bio Fuel - Go Green Initiative.

We are using bio fuel in our vehicles. We currently mix Mix Bio Diesel and Diesel in a 30/70 ratio. This not only helps to reduce our natural resources consumption,but it also very good for the environment as carbon emissions from bio fuel are relatively less than diesel.

Apart from this we have also developed a few CNG powered trucks.
Donations Cash & Kind
  • BLR regularary donates the computer and laptop to the needy students.
  • BLR makes regular monetary Donations to Help Age India.
  • Donations are not just restricted to Cash. We also donate drawings books and colours across some Schools for special needs children.
Health is Wealth.

Ensuring that our employees are healthy is our top priority at BLR. We ensure all our employees have access to proper medical care though mediclaim policies that not only cover them but also their spouse, children and elderly parents. Apart from this we ensure our employees get proper vaccination in time during disease outbreaks by conducting Vaccination Drives asap right at our office.

Swine Flu Vaccination drive conducted at our head office recently, when swine flu cases were at a rise again.

Shipment Tracking