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As one of India's leading logistics companies, BLR offers customized solutions to all industrial sectors with a focus on saving costs and providing world class Logistics and Transportation services. BLR Logistiks (I) Ltd stands for globally competitive logistics management solutions within a trusting and service oriented environment. Excellence, commitment and honesty are some of our core values, with which we have risen to glorious heights. Today, we provide the best Integrated logistics services in India, giving our clients the highest satisfaction.

With its 63 offices in India , BLR has grown from a small trucking company to leading logistics service providers. The Company made early investments in the logistics sector with Reliance Capital taking on an equity stake of 32 % in 2007, which is still held by them.

Mission, Vision and Values


Our mission is to provide competitive integrated logistics solutions and create maximum value for our customers by optimizing their supply chains through innovation and total commitment, attaining the highest level of customer satisfaction.


We strive to be recognized as a leading logistics service provider, offering top class logistic solutions to our customers.

Key Values
Trust, Talent, Technology

Trust: At BLR, integrity & trustworthiness are premises of our commitment towards our customers and employees. BLR values a strong culture of loyalty towards its employees and expects the same from them.

Talent: At BLR, we strongly believe in building a friendly and healthy environment to encourage our employees to achieve their utmost abilities. We also bring out the best in our employees through training and aptitude programs and hence we are known as the foremost logistics service providers in India.

Technology: At BLR, technology sits at the core of our operations. Unlike a few years ago when it was considered supplementary, we realize its need and value in our industry. Not only does it hold to the power to optimize logistics, but also revolutionize it.
These values form the backbone of BLR and will continue to provide the framework to realize BLR's potential and ambition in the future.


Set up as a small trucking business in 1968, BLR has shifted gears to become one of the largest & most reliable Transportation & Logistic companies in India, providing integrated logistics solutions. The founder of the company Mr. L. C. Goyal started the "one man-one-office" trucking company Bombay Ludhiana Roadways in 1968. Over the years, the company grew steadily to a sizable business of about INR 2 crores (INR 20 Million) and three offices by 1989. Quality, Integrity and Social responsibility are the values that he practiced, preached and imbibed in the culture of BLR.

During the 1990s BLR achieved great growth to a network of more than 63 offices under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Ashok Goyal, a Commerce Graduate from Mumbai University and a 2nd generation entrepreneur.

BLR as an integrated logistics company is now equipped to provide a complete logistics platform for domestic & international logistic requirements with more than 63 offices all over India. With a highly competent management team, supported by the knowledge of the company's 600-people strong family, BLR has become one of the most sought after Transportation & Logistics companies in India.

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