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Road Transport Companies


Freight Transportation Companies

We began our journey 40 years back as a road transport company in India and now we have built a reliable reputation of being one of the most elite freight transportation companies in India.
With a fleet of more than 500 vehicles of all types, small, medium and large, we can accommodate all your transport requirements and assist you in every region in India.


Full Truck Load (FTL) Transportation

We are amongst the few full truck load companies that can move your cargo all over India.


Less than Truck Load (LTL) Transportation

We have developed specific routes all over India to move small cargo loads to give customers flexibility and an economic advantage.


32 feet Containerized Vehicles

These trucks are specially designed by BLR to provide you cost effective transportation solutions, leading up to a 30% saving on your transportation costs.


Hazardous Cargo Transportation

When it comes to hazardous cargo transportations, we take utmost care and move your chemicals and inflammable materials to all destinations across India via ISO tank containers and specially designed vehicles. We understand how chemical transportation requires constant alertness; therefore, we leave no stone unturned and ensure your cargo reaches its desired destination safely.

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