At BLR we truly believe in using the latest technology to make our processes more efficient and safer. we are using devices equipped with advanced sensors to map driver behaviour based on driving environment and quantifying risk. We are also using advanced robotic devices to prevent accidents from happening in real time.

24/7 Control Tower
Driver Behaviour Mapping
Accident Prevention
24/7 Control Tower - BLR Toll-free Number :- 18002100567 We are happy to inform you that BLR's 24/7 Control Tower is Now Live!

Proactive aprroach to Control violations

  • Night Driving
  • Over Speeding
  • Harsh Braking
  • Continuos Driving

Pre Trip Driver Briefing

  • Create Awareness about HAZ cargo safety
  • Do's & Dont's for Safe Driving

24/7 Helpline for Emergencies

  • Emergency Response SOP

Proactive Root Cause Analysis in case of

  • Violations
  • Exceptions
  • Accidents
Benefits of the Logistics Control Tower

Some benefits of a logistics Control Tower are Visibility, Performance Improvement, Savings, Metrics, and Technology.


A control tower provides global visibility to all users. Not only does this include a shipment’s location and ETA, but also the data concerning freight, performance, and costs of the shipment.

Performance Improvement

Using a control tower will push a standard global process. Working with each global region to follow a customary procedure will bring about greater supervision while also lowering lead times and costs. And, while many times the regions will push back against the implementation of a control tower, the expertise, processes, and event management the control tower brings will lead to improved performance.

Managing many clients from a single control tower Various Modules in Control Tower include:

Vehicle Tracking :

Both GPS and Non-GPS. GPS fitted vehicles have automated feeds coming in regular intervals of time and non-GPS vehicles are constantly in touch with our team to have live status of vehicle movement.


Exception Management :

Control Tower will always look for any exceptions that might happen and proactively try to prevent them from happening. Even if some exception does happen, the Control Tower team will have measures to handle those exceptions properly.


MIS Reporting :

All stakeholders will get timely information and report which are properly segmented so that they can help in Analysis.


Centralized Control and Visibility :

Data is consolidated from multiple sources and presented in a consistent format helping decision making faster and presenting the concern areas


24x7 Response Time :

Dedicated team provided via a dedicated number. All the trips has been monitored by shift member and queries and complaints are logged in to the system.

Driver Behaviour Mapping

Since technology has a big hand in preventing accidents, BLR Logistiks has introduced the IoT-AI technology platform that delivers driving behaviour analytics that minimizes disruptions in transportation. It is a self-contained IOT Platform with 9 embedded sensors and it assesses driving risk performance for 9 indicators of driving risk. BLR Logistiks has also put forward the Driving Risk Profile that enables Rewards & Disincentives for Behavioural Transformation. In the recent future, this technology has shown positive algorithms in relation with road accidents.

  • 11 sensors to capture driving patterns
  • Sharp turns, overtaking, tailgating
  • Captures data five times a second using the latest optical imaging sensor
Quantifying Risky Behaviour
  • Captures even split second reactions of drivers along with other driving anomalies
  • Quantifies the exact risks so that they are easy to rectify.
Individual Counselling Session
  • one on one session is more effective to sensitise
  • over-speeding doesn’t result in fuel savings; it leads to higher number of braking events and increased wind resistance
All BLR drivers to go thorough this assessment over a period of two years*
Using Technology for Safety
There are 9 Leading Indicators of Driving Risk that are mentioned below.
GPS-based Driving
Behaviour Indicators
  • Harsh Braking
  • Over-speeding
  • Continuous Driving
Leading Indicators of
Driving Risk
  • Close Tailgating
  • Negotiating Bad/Uneven Roads
  • Turtling Risk
  • Lane Changing Risk
  • Out-of-Control Risk
  • Head-on Collision Risk
The Key Differentiator
  • Road Condition data
  • Driving Manoeuvres data
  • Individual Driving Risk Profile
Accident Prevention

Technology plays an important role in making our lives simpler and convenient. Walking hand-in-hand with technology, BLR Logistiks is road ready with AI enabled solutions for safer driving. We offer key solutions such as Attention & Behaviour Monitoring, External Environment Monitoring and Autonomous Software Suit. With a goal to exceed our client’s expectations, we ensure our advanced driver assistance systems are validated, deployed, future proof and award winning.

Detect and Track

Drowsiness, attentiveness, mood & health


Human reaction time Safe/unsafe driver’s behaviour Passenger comfort

Alert & Inform

Human reaction time Safe/ unsafe driver’s behaviour Passenger comfort

  • Increased safety
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher operational visibility
  • Increased asset utilization
  • Safer AV testing and deployment
We take everything into consideration and monitors all the aspects of the drivers.
Warning System

Drowsiness detection, distracted driving and driver safety ranking.

Driver Profiling

Driving profiles, Driver authentication and Mood analysis

Predictive Analysis

Unsafe behavior prediction

Time to React Prediction

Time to react & engagement level

Driver Attention and Behavior monitoring
Key Features
  • Detects driver drowsiness for day and night
  • Suitable for various face types
  • Real-time processing of data for immediate response
  • Various options for alarm generation – audio / visual
  • Compact size, easy to integrate
Shipment Tracking