The impact Of technology to advance driver safety

July 17, 2023 Published by Admin     ⇽ Back to All Content

Safety is our utmost priority at BLR, and we are thrilled to share some major updates with you. We have embarked on a transformative journey to enhance driver safety by implementing cutting-edge smart technology.

  • Advanced Robotics and LiDAR Devices:

    Introducing advanced LiDAR-enabled devices that utilize laser beams and pulses of light to measure distances and re-create truck's surroundings, with a range-detection capability up to 150 feet. These state-of-the-art “cameras” enable our vehicles to navigate the landscape with unprecedented precision & guidance. In real time, our devices detect various types of road objects/entities such as vehicles, pedestrians, and potential obstacles that fall within the range of the Lidar sensor, ensuring a proactive approach to road safety and safe driving behaviours.

  • Driving Risk Assessment and Improvement Platform:

    To further bolster our safety initiatives, we use a ‘Driving Risk Assessment and Improvement Platform that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to “read-through” a driver’s mind while driving. This platform captures real-time driving patterns by focusing on the driver’s safe-maneuvering capabilities during sharp turns, uphill & downhill terrains, lane-changing, overtaking, and tailgating. By harnessing the power of the latest optical lidar sensors, we gather data at an impressive rate of five times per second, thus providing accurate and detailed analysis.

  • Quantifying Risky Behavior:

    We go beyond mere observations and take data-driven approaches to safety. Our platform quantifies split-second reactions and other driving anomalies, enabling us to pinpoint risks with precision. Armed with this valuable insight, we develop targeted strategies to rectify unsafe driving practices and ensure continuous improvement.

  • Personalized Counseling Sessions:

    At BLR, we firmly believe in the power of personalized approaches to driver safety. Our dedicated team conducts one-on-one counseling sessions with our drivers, fostering a conducive environment for sensitization. We educate our drivers on the importance of responsible driving, dispelling myths such as overspeeding leading to fuel savings. Instead, we emphasize the risks associated with such behavior, including increased braking events and higher wind resistance, which compromise safety.

Together, let's shape a future where road safety is the norm and every journey is secure. At BLR, we remain committed to fostering a culture of safety, prioritizing the well-being of our drivers, vehicles, and the communities we serve.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to lead the way in revolutionizing safety on the roads!

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